5 Questions to Ask Before Posting

We’ve all seen the posts. You know the kind, the ones that make you shake your head with embarrassment or stare with shock. It happens every day. But, it doesn’t just happen to the typical person on social media, it has happened to big companies as well. Here is a list of 5 questions you should be asking to help you avoid the ‘Social Media Fail’ which can lead to embarrassment or even worse.

1. Will this Hurt Anyone?

Is what you are about to post going to hurt anyone in any way. Sometimes we get upset or angry over life. That is normal. But blasting it out for the world to see is not always appropriate. And using ALL CAPS doesn’t make it any better.

2. Is this Too Much Information?

This is a broad umbrella question. From the deep personal facts/issues you may be involved in currently to posting about your ham and cheese sandwich. It’s just too much. This also includes scantily clad photos of you on vacation or the 100th picture of your cat. No one wants    to know or cares to know this much information about you.

3. Will I Regret This Later?

This can go many different directions as well. It could be a buzzed post from happy hour at your local watering hole. It can be a long rant about how much you despise your boss. This can even become a legal issue if you are involved in a car accident while posting something, posting something slanderous about someone or even posting very active pictures of you as you are going through a workers compensation claim. Take the time to think about whether or not you may regret posting the text or photo.

4. Would I Say This in REAL Life?

Odds are if you wouldn’t say certain things to actual people in real life, you probably shouldn’t be posting about it. That is what journals are for in the privacy of your own home. So think about the photo or context in your post before blasting it out for the entire world to see.

5. Why Am I Posting This?

What is your motive for posting this? What is your goal? Are you gloating about how awesome you are? Did you have a horrible day and would like everyone to know? Think about exactly why you want to share this information to the world. It’s not just your friends who will be seeing this post/photo. It could be a potential client, a co-worker….or even your boss.

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