Social Media Training

Do you have a marketing team on staff but need to get them up to speed on social media? I offer custom training workshops and sessions for individuals or groups depending on your needs. Sometimes it’s a lesson on proper etiquette. Sometimes it’s on message, brand consistency, target audience, etc.

Every training session is unique to the needs of the trainee. I give trainings on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram mostly as they are the most used for small businesses. You don’t have to be a business owner either! I love helping people learn how to use social media personally as well. There are tools added almost daily to help the user interface on many channels. Yes, I’ll even help you stay focused so you don’t end up spending hours of your life scrolling through posts and newsfeeds. A big part of my trainings are on privacy and security. Yes, social media tracks your data.

But you can control a lot of what is tracked and stored.